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Sculpture created out of rough hewn tulip poplar wood and steel
Something Bad
Wood and steel
53" w x 53" l x 87" h

Created out of rough hewn tulip poplar wood and steel. This sculpture shows signs of destruction and burning that happened within the confines of the strong exterior framework. The wood and steel has been scarred and prematurely aged. The heavy chain suspended from the center is rusted and knotted. The apparent cause of the destruction is unknown to the viewer.

Now here is the inside scoop on the piece. This sculpture represents my loss over the death of my nephew. He died at only 23 years old and I experienced a profound anger over his death. I decided to create a piece of sculpture that allowed for the anger to be present instead of pretending that everything was alright. The anger I experienced was very much an inner process and I tried hard to keep it inward only. The sculpture demonstrates this effect as there is little damage done to the outer areas of the piece. The damage shows mostly to the interior of the piece.