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Representing stages of spiritual growth.
Lightness of Being
Welded steel and salvaged media
48" x 48" x 158"

This sculpture has come together after many years of building the Cubes individually. The cubes started out as representations of personality types. For many years as a psychotherapist I observed peoples' behaviors and noticed particular characteristics that the different personality types--or levels of spiritual growth--exhibited. As I was considering what to do with the collection of these Cubes, I decided to put them together as a large public art sculpture.
To me the personal growth and spiritual growth process is about moving from darkness to lightness--from a lack of transparency to more and more clarity, openness, and playfulness. As I looked at the Cubes in determining what to do with them as a collection in the public art piece, I saw a progression of this opening up as a person from being more closed and cautious to a lighter sense of being in the moment.
As in much of my work, a large percentage of this sculpture is created from salvaged materials. The top Cube is crafted from repurposed wire studs pulled from a commercial renovation project. The copper pipes are likewise repurposed plumbing materials from various projects. The wooden cube is created from fir studs removed in a renovation project from a 95 year old home. And the rebar was rescued from a metal salvage yard to become part of this beautiful sculpture.

Installed at Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative 2019. On display at 4705 Queensbury Rd, Riverdale Park, MD--across from Town Center Market at Mabelle L. Munch Park