Paul Steinkoenig, Sculptor

Living life to the fullest is about living through my passion—and not holding back in the face of fear. Life gets away too quickly not to live inside of those moments that make my heart beat faster. I am pleased to live in this moment by creating what pours out of me through my art.

Some of my several past professional hats have included working in places that many people would not even care to visit. I have worked with some of the hardest and most challenging categories of people that exist. Gang-bangers, murderers, and rapists in maximum security prisons; schizophrenic and mentally disturbed patients in big-city crisis units and hospital emergency rooms; terrorists and warlords in remote and highly dangerous areas in developing countries where even the U.S. military dares not set foot—these are some of the jobs that have given me challenge and insight into myself and human nature. I have now set out to portray beauty and balance through my art from the chaos that my soul has seen.

My professional work in many different areas of life has had to do with observing and working with people and their personalities. Creating and fostering working relationships with people has been a big part of careers in ministry, psychotherapy and international diplomacy. Obviously not all relationships are good working relationships. Many observations about people and how they relate to one another have given rise to my work as a sculptor.

Now as a sculptor, I am considering the depiction of relationships as a form of art. Relationships in our lives hold such importance and dictate much of how our lives flow every day. Expressing that relevance as abstract sculpture challenges and inspires me and allows me to see that relationships of all forms create the balance and dynamic tension in our world.

Creating sculptures that suggest a bit about the dynamics of how we as humans relate to each other gives me a sense of accomplishing something worth doing.
Creativity is one of the aspects that I most value about who I am. I started woodworking at age five. Since then I have enjoyed many years of creating in wood—unique furniture and sculpture. As a young adult I added metal sculpting to my repertoire. I greatly enjoy foundry casting in bronze, and aluminum, and welding in steel. My style is contemporary abstract.
The earth is our precious home. Stuff never goes “away.” Much of the materials used in these works is salvaged or recycled.

Although some of the artwork is no longer available, much of the sculpture shown here is for sale. Please contact me at for more information. Thanks!